About Us

Who is ezygadgetz?

So here's the thing, there so many overpriced goods in the market that have been marketed well, but once the shiny box arrives and the extensive packaging has been unveiled we have been left with... well... maybe something quite disappointing.

ezygadgetz was born as a result of being on the receiving end of many of these sad but all too familiar experiences. As a result we went on a quest to find gadgetz that not only had the glossy packaging but the goods inside to match.

It’s no secret that we source some of our products globally… but we can almost guarantee that they perform the tasks they claim to perform with better functions at a competitive price. This is our criteria, non-negotiable! We personally source, test and trial our products extensively before listing them on our site, they can’t be just good, they have to be great!

Our products are next generation technology that have been totally overlooked and not been marketed to showcase just how incredible they really are. In short they are gold but people just didn't know about them... until now.

This is what inspired ezygadgetz... Australia deserves access to these products and here's where we come in.

And what's more we are locally based in Yarraville, Melbourne VIC :)

But hang on what happens when something goes wrong?

The best news is that we are in Australia, shoot us a message via our Contact Us page and we'll sort it out for you. A happy customer is our priority!

Where else can I find products by ezygadgetz?

You'll find some of our products stocked on the following marketplaces... 

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Tell us about it, tell your friends about it, hashtag it, review it, snapchat it, instagram it... you get the gist. If we had a wish list our preference would be to have you kindly leave us a review on our facebook page at ezygadgetz.

See you there!